This advanced course lasts about 8 weeks long depending on the number of questions. It takes a literal view of what the Bible says about the second coming of the Christ and the following Parousia Kingdom. It takes a chronological approach by starting with what was revealed in the Old Testament and moves into the New Testament with the bulk of the material coming from the Gospels.

The material presented here is typically known as the Premillennial Postribulational view. It is also known as the Historic Premillennial view because it is the oldest view known among mainstream Christianity. It is not as popular as the Premillennial Pretribulational view but it is held by some major world-class evangelical scholars (such as those listed here: Historic premillennialism) and others such as Wayne Grudem (the editor of the ESV Study Bible; see the footnote at Matthew 19:28, where it says the apostles “will participate in the final establishment of the Kingdom of God on the earth” and Norman Geisler.

This view, like the better known Premil-Pretrib view, holds that Jesus will one day return and set-up his kingdom here on earth and rule here for (likely) 1000 years along with his elect who will rule with him (2 Timothy 2:12).

One of my favorite verses that explains this kingdom is Matthew 19:16-29, especially verses 28 and 29. There Jesus in literal language describes how he and all faithful covenantal followers will rule with him and whatever things they gave up in this life to follow Jesus, whether they be relationships or farms or lands, they will receive back as a reward a hundred times as much as what was sacrificed and with that eternal life and thrones to judge others on earth.