May 8, 2022

Bible Text: Isaiah 9:1-7 |


God delivers his prophetic word through sons given to Isaiah.
Their lives direct attention to God’s plans to redeem his covenant people.
In Isaiah 9 God gives to all his covenantal people, his Son who will rule the world forever.
Like the sons given to Isaiah, this son will be a sign to the nations.
This Son will be a light to all the world, including Gentiles.
God will enlarge his covenantal nation and it will be a time of great rejoicing, as at the festival gatherings, like at harvest time.
The burdens will be broken.
The weapons of war will be burned up.
This son is given to us as a gift of peace. We need only accept him.
He is a wise counselor, he is Mighty God, he is an eternally living father to his followers,
He is the Prince of Peace.

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