May 1, 2022

Bible Text: Isaiah 8:1-22 |


The birth-names of Isaiah’s children are living proof of what was to come. The life of one particular son indicates the timing of the coming events. The three events are:
First: near annihilation from enemy nations. The attack will be swift and devastating.
Second: God will protect the core believers in his covenant land and bring back a remnant.
Finally: There will be a restoration because God is with his people.

The son of the prophetess / maiden may also be Immanuel.
The coming conquest of Assyria will obliterate the northern 2 kingdoms and barely leave anyone alive in Judah, as if a flood up to the chin.
Ultimately the enemy nations will be crushed. ‘God is with us’!
Don’t fear the coming calamity. Only have awe/fear of God.
For those who fear him, He is Yahweh of Angel armies.
For those who do not fear him, He will be a stone to stumble over to a rocky end.
Do you know any that claim to be believers but have great fear of what is coming?
... and their faith is in the earthly nations?

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