April 24, 2022

Bible Text: Isaiah 7:1-25 |


Ahaz is a vile king. For political reasons the northern two kingdoms want to punish Judah for not joining them in an alliance against Assyria. This is terrifying for Judah. Isaiah is sent to calm Ahaz’s fears. He prophesies that within 65 years Israel will be completely destroyed (by Assyria). There will be an attack and there will be a remnant and Judah will survive.

God promises the coming of a child with a prophetic name. In addition to a promise that there will be a remnant, there is a promise that God will be with Judah while the two kings will be defeated. However after that, God will grab Assyria and bring it to destroy Judah for trusting in human alliances. There will be a very small number of survivors.

The promises of God come true regarding the destruction of Israel and still Ahaz does not trust God’s promises but keeps his trust in a human kingdom.

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