March 20, 2022

Bible Text: Isaiah 1:21-31 - 2:1-5 |


[This is a re-recording of the sermon]
The covenantal people have violated the covenant and now their city houses murderers. The leaders are thieves, they have violated their assignment to protect the orphan and the widow. They make appearances as if they are holy but are false. God promises to call them to repentance and refine them.

Isaiah then has prophetic words very much like Micah 4.
Taken literally he prophesies that in the end-times
• God's Law will be the only Law.
• All nations, including obedient Jews, will stream to God’s mountain and
learn God’s ways/ethics.
• God's Law will decide ethical questions on earth.
• Human wars are over, no more learning how to fight.
• The peoples will no longer have weapons.
• Instead the earth will produce food.

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