June 12, 2022

Bible Text: Isaiah 12:1-6, Isaiah 13:1-22 |


Isaiah 12 inserts a song of salvation and relief from the scolding words of the coming punishment.
It promises that God’s wrath will be turned away.

Isaiah 13 is a prophecy against Babylon, fulfilled about 200 years later. Foreign nations will be called against Babylon (Medes & Persons). The attacking nations do not realize they are tools in God’s hands. The “Medes” are named about 200 years before it happened.
They will defeat Babylon swiftly. (The capitol falls in one night.)
Although mighty, it will barely have time to be an empire.
The destruction of Babylon will eventually be total, it is never reinhabited. Yet Jerusalem will be rebuilt and is a key city throughout Scripture.
The destruction of Babylon is a picture of the final destruction of earthly nations. The nations trust in higher powers but their trust is not in the True God.

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