May 22, 2022

Bible Text: Isaiah 10:5-34 |


Of the four prophetic sons mentioned in chapters 7-9 we see references to 3 (or possibly 4) in chapter 10.

The nations are tools in the hands of God.
They are held accountable for their devotion to false gods and for their own unethical behavior.
Assyria trusts in her own gods and is convinced they are stronger than the gods of other nations, including the false gods that Israel and Judah trust in.
But Yahweh, the True God still has plans for his rebellious people.
God hates the proud and arrogant nations that oppress his people. God will punish them. Although God uses nations to discipline his rebellious people, that does not imply God endorses or approves of them.
A remnant of God’s people will be rescued.
Do not be afraid of the enemy.
The yoke will be broken. He will rescue HIS people who are repentant.

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