October 10, 2021

Bible Text: 2 Corinthians 5 |


Paul continues to add to our list of what is encouraging to us as we face difficult times:
Although we groan in our bodies we look to being present in spirit with Christ after death.
However, our real hope is in the bodily resurrection, to be in his Kingdom.
The Holy Spirit who we have dwelling in us is a guarantee of the bodily resurrection.
We walk, not by living in the moment but living in the assured hope that because we have the indwelling of the Holy Spirit this is a guarantee that there is a perfect body coming.
Paul recommends we keep going, motivated by our love of Christ and his love for us. Keep in mind that at the judgment seat, after the resurrection, we will be rewarded.

Keep the right motive, not seeking earthly things, prominence, wealth. Rather, be driven by our love of Christ, we live for Christ.
Stop looking at people and evaluating them based on worldly standards.
Remember we have been entrusted with the most amazing message of all time. God is reconciling the world to himself and we are ambassadors in the place of Christ. God is making an appeal to the world, through you and me, for humanity to be reconciled to God. That message is that God has treated Christ, who never sinned, as if he were the sinner and not us. Christ wears our sin as a garment. As a result, we are given the white garment of Christ to wear. Consequently, although we were once enemies we are now acceptable and regarded as holy enough to be seated at God’s dinner table.

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