October 3, 2021

Bible Text: 2 Corinthians chapter 4 |


When we compare the life of non-believers ...
Although the gospel of Jesus being the Christ and the image of God is veiled for those who are perishing, we see this truth clearly.
When faced with tribulation, they have no hope, we have the promises of God.
When faced with bodily decay, they have no lasting hope, we have the hope of eternal health.
When faced with death, they have no hope, we have the hope of the resurrection.
Any encouragement they have from themselves, our encouragement is from God.
Their endurance is from personal, temporary strength, while our endurance is from God and is a testimony to others to seek Christ.
They must accept inevitable death and fear of it often causes them to seek as much pleasure as possible. We do not fear the permanency of death so we have an eternal purpose and can make better choices.
They have no evidence for their life’s choices as being truly better since it all ends at death
But our endurance and perseverance testify to the reality of our faith.

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